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amanda teague website and graphic services

I am a website and graphic designer who has established a personalised website and graphic design service to assist other small businesses and organisations in promoting their products and services.


A simple and inviting website is a very important means by which a small business can increase the reach and effectiveness of its message to potential customers/clients without the large advertising budgets of its larger competitors.


I also provide graphic design services to create or update logos, business cards, stationery, signage, packaging and product booklets to promote your business in an attractive and budget efficient manner.


With my personalised service, I work with you or your representative to ensure that the website and/or other graphic products fully meet your marketing and information requirements.


While the step by step process and hourly rate are agreed upon at the beginning of our collaboration, I do not have large overheads and hence I can provide a personal service within your budgetary requirements


amanda teague

mobile  0438 854 367
email    amanda@atwags.com